Albertson H & L, E & H, Co. No. 1
Proudly serveing the residents for the past 108 years
Department History

On Saturday, July 23, 1910 there was a fire at the residence of Mr. Schmidt on Stevens Ave. in Albertson Square. The Schmidt home burned to the ground as the area had no fire protection. It was at this point that the residents of Albertson Square and Nassau Heights along with the surrounding vicinity decided it was time to form a fire department.

On September 8, 1910, a committee consisting of Charles A. Eisele, William Burke, and Edward J. Martin put forth a resolution to form the Albertson Fire Company No. 1.

On September 22, 1910, the Albertson Hook & Ladder, Engine & Hose Company No. 1 was chartered. The charter members were:

John Martin
Thomas K. Fookes
(Vice President)
William Burke
George Schmidt
(Asst. Foreman)
Charles A. Eisele
Edward J. Martin
William A. J. Hewel
Adolph Gauggel
Theodore E. Kohlman
John A. Hewel
Michael Burke

The first Fire House was a converted barn, later relocating to Dewey Ave. The Headquarters building on I.U. Willets Road was built in 1953.

The first Albertson firemen at the ole barn. The wheel on the rig is on the righthand side.

Albertson Officer, possibly a Lieutenant, by an old rig Photo provided by Mike Fahey

For Fire or Emergency Dial: (516)-742-3300
Albertson, NY