Albertson H & L, E & H, Co. No. 1
Proudly serveing the residents for the past 108 years

President's Message

For the past 103 years, the Albertson Fire Company has provided uniterrupted, dedicated volunteer service to the community. Last year, the Albertson Fire Company responded to 310 fire calls and 300 rescue calls. The 67 men and women of the Albertson Fire Company proudly provide these services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. In addition to responding to these emergency calls, our members spend countless hours each year training and recertifying to keep current with new technologies present in our everyday lives.

The Albertson Fire Company has a Fire Prevention Program. Each year members of our Fire Company meet with local schools to teach our children about fire prevention and safety. In October, we host an annual "Open House." All are invited to visit the firehouse to learn about fire safety, and observe various fire prevention demonstrations.

The Albertson Fire Company is operated solely by volunteers. This invaluable service could not be provided without continuous support and donations from the community. Donations aid in all incidental expenses within the Fire Company as well as the programs mentioned. These expenses are not covered by your tax dollars. We depend on your continued support.

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President's Office

Anthony Bellisari

Daniel Chin
Vice President

Robert Steinmann
Recording Secretary

Ka Kwe Lee
Corresponding Secretary

Jeannine Weiss
Financial Secretary

Peter J. Brala

Michael Dorman
Sgt. At Arms

Past Presidents

Deceased Member Rudolf Klein, Sr. Honorary Deceased Member John Martin 1910-1911
Deceased Member James A. Powers 1911-1912 Deceased Member Thomas Cuff 1912-1913
Deceased Member Edward Martin 1931-1932 Deceased Member Russell Jarvis 1932-1933
Deceased Member Harry Fookes 1933-1935 Deceased Member Benjamin Zukowsky 1935-1937
Deceased Member Joseph Smith 1937-1938 Deceased Member Peter Franzone 1938-1940
Deceased Member Joseph Mosiejewski 1940-1943 Deceased Member Allan Van Buren 1943-1944
Charles Merritt 1944-1945 Deceased Member James Fleming 1945-1949
Deceased Member Jerome Connors 1949-1950 Deceased Member Dwight Seaton 1950-1952
C.W. Gillingham 1952-1954 Deceased Member Edward Hausman 1954-1957
Deceased Member William Weisse, Sr. 1957-1959 Deceased Member Thomas Kelly 1959-1961
John Vecchione 1961-1963 Donald Jarvis 1963-1965
Deceased Member Wilbur Gruber 1965-1967 Willam J. Clark 1967-1969
Dennis Craine 1969-1971 Deceased Member Bernard Monson 1971-1973
Joseph Radigan 1973-1975 Harry Sherman 1975-1977
Deceased Member Peter Mancuso 1977-1978 Deceased Member Michael Affrunti, Jr. 1978-1980
Richard Ockovic 1980-1981 William J. Clark, Jr. 1981-1983
Peter J. Cosgrove 1983-1985 Christopher Carroll 1985-1987
Daniel E. Giordano 1987-1989 Donald McMahon 1989-1990
Deceased Member George S. Lee, Jr. 1990-1992 John Lasek 1992-1994
Douglas A. Diem 1994-1996 Walter Frame 1996-1998
Peter J. Brala 1998-2000 Peter J. Tennis 2000-2002
Douglas A. Diem 2002-2003 Christopher Carroll 2003-2005
Peter J. Tennis 2005-2006 Kimberly Lasek 2006-2008
Neil Velasco 2008-2010 James Nelson 2010-2012
Mike Horne 2012-2014

Deceased Member Deceased Member

For Fire or Emergency Dial: (516)-742-3300
Albertson, NY